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Back engraving option (add-on)

Back engraving option (add-on)

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Important: This is an add-on for the back engraving option only and does not include the ring itself. Please ensure that you've added both the actual ring and the back engraving option to your cart before placing your order.

Enhance the significance and personalization of your travel rings with our Back Engraving option. At Vagabond Life, we understand that your adventures deserve to be commemorated in a unique and lasting way. Our Back Engraving option empowers you to add a personal touch to your travel rings by engraving them with meaningful dates, memorable locations, or any custom message that captures the essence of your journeys.

Each ring can be engraved with up to 20 letters or numbers. Please note that letters come in uppercase. Please enter the back engraving text in this format: front > back . The front being the ring you've already added to your cart and the back being the text or date you would like engraved on the back of your ring.



  • 4-8 days delivery to Europe
  • 10-20 days delivery to US, Canada, Australia and other countries


  • All of our country rings come in a gift-ready organic cotton pouch printed with our Vagabond Life logo. If you order a key-chain or necklace, your country rings will be added onto it and placed into a Vagabond Life box. 
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