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Affiliate Agreement

Vagabond Life Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

By filling out the Vagabond Life Affiliate Program application form, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed with the following terms and conditions.

1. Submitting Your Application
Once you submit your application you are bound by the terms of this agreement. When filling out the application you must provide accurate and complete information. Participation in the Vagabond Life Affiliate Program is to legally advertise our website to receive commission on referral customers. We will evaluate each application and you will be notified of your acceptance or rejection. We may reject your application if we determine that your website is unsuitable for any reason.

2. Inappropriate Content
Affiliation can be immediately revoked for the following reasons regarding inappropriate/unsuitable content:
- False advertisements concerning Vagabond Life
- Spamming using your affiliate link
- Using copyrighted materials on your website
- Harassment or intimidation of others on your website
- Content deemed to be graphic or explicit by Vagabond Life

3. Affiliate Link
If your affiliation is approved, you may advertise your affiliate link along with Vagabond Life images and current promotions. You may use images and texts provided to you by us or create your own as long as it is appropriate (see condition 2).

4. Promotional methods
• Trademarks - Affiliates are not authorized to use Vagabond Life logo without prior authorization
• Offer Placement - Affiliates are not allowed to promote affiliate links on paid medias without prior authorization.

• Brand bidding is prohibited and brand names must be excluded from paid search campaigns
• Vagabond Life Brand Name- Affiliates are not allowed to register or purchase domain names including Vagabond, Vagabond Life, vagabond-life.com or any misspellings or variations. This includes websites and any social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc..)

5. Copyright and Trademark Infringement
Vagabond Life reserves the rights to seek legal action against affiliates that infringe our copyrights and registered trademarks, or that replicate our product designs under a different brand.
When engaging in paid search engine campaigns, affiliates must use their own domain and/or URL in their ads.
Forbidden Display URL Examples:
Approved Display URL Examples:

6. Self-Dealing
• Affiliate Using Their Own Offer - Affiliates cannot use their own personal link to make purchases for themselves.

7. ‘Cookie - Stuffing’ Policy
“Cookie - Stuffing”, forced clicks, etc. is not permitted. “Cookie stuffing” is an unlawful strategy of generating affiliate sales. (IE: Use of cookie stuffing to cause tracking systems to conclude that a user has clicked through a qualifying affiliate link – and to pay commissions accordingly - even if the user has not actually clicked through any such link). Affiliates found using, employing or receiving this strategy will be immediately revoked and all commissions will be forfeited. By filling out the application form you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the Vagabond Life Affiliate Program terms and conditions.

8. Anything else that will result in disqualified purchases:
• Negative Commentary - Affiliates are not allowed to post negatively about Vagabond Life brand.
• Offensive Content - Affiliates are forbidden from placing their link on adult themed websites.

9. FTC Guidelines
Affiliates must abide by all state and federal consumer protection laws and regulations including the
Federal Trade Commission Act and the CAN - SPAM Act. The FTC points out that “when there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product” it is imperative that such a connection is “fully disclosed.” We strongly encourage our affiliates to adhere to the FTC’s rules. We also reserve the right to terminate our relationship with any non - compliant affiliates.

10. Payments
• Scheduling - Payments will be made at the end of each month.
• Method - Payments will be made exclusively through Paypal. Make sure you link your Paypal account to your Affiliate account to receive payments.
• 10% standard commission: all affiliates are eligible

11. Termination
At its discretion alone, with or without notifying you, Vagabond Life reserves the right to terminate this agreement and your participation in our affiliate program immediately without warning, should you commit fraud in your use of our affiliate program or should you abuse this program in any way. If such fraud or abuse is detected, Vagabond Life shall not be liable to you for any commission for such fraudulent sales.